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About Us

     I'm a woodburner myself, and have a broad range of trouble-shooting experience (you wouldn't believe the objects and critters that come out or fly/run out of a chimney!). I can help with smoke problems and advise on burning techniques that will keep your fires running smoothly and safely.
 Wood heat is just about the best bargain - the most BTUs per dollar spent. I'm excited about the new clean-burning stoves available today, and offer sales and installation of several of the best. Call for a free quote on a beautiful new Pacific Energy, Osburn, Napoleon,  or Vermont Castings stove. If you like the convenience of wood pellet burning, I can get you an Enviro Fire or Easy Fire pellet stove or insert.
 The new stoves use technology that burns your wood more efficiently - you get more heat from less wood, with less smoke particles going into the air. Many folks say they burn a third  less the amount of wood than they did with their "old smoker" stove.
 I recommend burning with a new clean-burning stove. Run a hot fire at least once a day with dry materials and the damper open, to keep the flammable tar from forming. Use seasoned wood. Don't burn low, slow fires that smolder for long periods of time; especially not with wet or green or cherry wood. Get your wood charred and and burning brightly before shutting down the damper for a longer burn. The Pacific Energy stove manual describes this technique in detail.

  Call for a free quote on a beautiful new Pacific Energy stove, or other fine brands!